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SynergyActive® balance - Premium food supplement for dogs & cats

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Certified ingredient

Free from chemical or artificial additives

Natural detoxification

Disease prevention

Positive impact on the environment


Natural Detoxification - Supports digestion, metabolism and transports the harmful substances out of the animal's body

Prevention of diseases - Has a preventive effect against all kinds of diseases. Especially suitable for the prevention of liver and kidney diseases.

Cancer therapy - Supports cell regeneration and has a cancer preventive effect.

Environmental effects - reduction of faecal odour and reduction of the concentration of ammonia in the air (e.g. in closed kennels).


SynergyActive® balance is a feed additive for dogs and cats. Due to the natural mineral in the product and its properties it is able to absorb harmful substances in the animal's organism and transport them out of your four-legged friend's body in a natural way. The ingredient in the product is particularly suitable for the prevention of kidney and liver diseases, as well as for cancer therapy, as it has been proven to be able to reduce the size of tumours. In the long term, it strengthens the immune system, allowing your pet to enjoy life to the fullest.


Dogs per 10kg and over: 1-2 sachets per day

Cats: 1 sachet/day

SynergyActive® balance should be added slowly to the appropriate animal feed. If necessary, the amount can be doubled gradually.

Please feed at intervals to other means.

Initially increased amounts of faeces and urine are harmless.


Clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin ≥ 80 % (additive identification number 1g568, EVO (EC) No 651/2013)

The product SynergyActive® balance consists of one ingredient. It is the natural mineral clinoptilolite.

This is FAMI QS certified. This means it has passed all the necessary quality checks to guarantee the effectiveness and quality of your pets.

FAMI QS & ISO certified product
1 package 30 meals
Shipping 2-4 days
  • FAMI QS & ISO certified product
  • 1 package 30 meals
  • Shipping 2-4 days

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