Natural cancer therapy and cancer prevention for your pet

During volcanic eruptions millions of years ago, the ashes of bubbling lava sank to the sea floor and combined with the hot, salty water. At this time many valuable minerals were formed, including zeolites. Within the group of zeolites, clinoptilolite is the most common - a unique volcanic mineral, and the basis of our products (Bish & Boak, 2001, p. 207; 208).

The mineral, which is the result of a special natural phenomenon, has a variety of special properties. As an innovative start-up, we at Synergy Active rely on the power of nature and use it to enable your four-legged friend to lead a healthy and vital life. We already have an entry about the Origin, formation and use of clinoptilolite written. In the following I explain how the volcanic natural rock contributes in a natural way to the cancer therapy and prevention of your pet.

Natural cancer therapy and cancer prevention for dogs and cats

Whether you are administering it supportively and in parallel with your animal's cancer therapy or as a preventive measure, the mineral clinoptilolite has a variety of properties that bring enormous benefits in cancer therapy and prevention.

The mineral works detoxifying and prevents oxidative stress which means it can be used by many Preventing diseases and relieve symptoms such as diarrhea. For example, it binds ammonium (NH4), which as ammonia (NH3) has a carcinogenic effect, as well as many organic toxins such as mycotoxins (mould fungus poison) (Scholtes, 2014).

In the treatment of canine cancer, ingestion of the volcanic mineral led to improved health status, extended life span and even contributed to a reduction in tumour size (Zarkovic et al., 2003). Pavelic et al. (2001) found a decrease in tumor size and a strong improvement in the health of dogs with cancer, especially in skin cancer but also in other forms such as prostate cancer. The mineral has been shown to successfully inhibit protein kinase B (enzymes that are often overactive in tumor cells) and to block the growth of carcinoma cells (Pavelic et al., 2001). It also strengthens the immune system, and Moser (2011) was able to prevent metastasis in mice.

A gentle food supplement for your pet

If your quadruped is ill or is undergoing therapy that requires all his strength, you should help him as gently as possible. Many dietary supplements in pill form are difficult to take, and medical preparations with side effects can further weaken your pet instead of helping him.

The Synergy Active dog and cat food supplement is very easy to take in powder form and clinoptilolite has no side effects. The prerequisite is of course optimal quality and no impurities (health insurance company). By using only one ingredient, we can ensure the best quality. We also obtain the mineral from Eastern Slovakia. The Teaching and Research Centre for Agriculture Raumberg-Gumpenstein (2011) speaks here of the qualitatively best clinoptilolite deposit (the mineral mined in Bulgaria, for example, has a high heavy metal content). Our certified product supports your quadruped in a gentle and natural way. So that your darling remains healthy and vital or will soon be again.

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