Detox for our dogs and cats - Natural detox for pets

During volcanic eruptions millions of years ago, the ashes of bubbling lava sank to the sea floor and combined with the hot, salty water. At this time many valuable minerals were formed, including zeolites. Within the group of zeolites, clinoptilolite is the most common - a unique volcanic mineral, and the basis of our products (Bish & Boak, 2001, p. 207; 208).

The mineral, which is the result of a special natural phenomenon, has a variety of special properties. As an innovative start-up, we at polyactivepro rely on the power of nature and use it to enable your four-legged friend to lead a healthy and vital life. We already have an entry about the Origin, formation and use of clinoptilolite written. In the following I will explain how the volcanic natural rock ensures a natural detoxification for your pet.

The all-rounder in detoxification - binding of toxic substances, heavy metals and radioactivity

Without throwing chemical terms around, I want to give a brief insight into the chemical structure of clinoptilolite: It basically consists of silicon and aluminium atoms, which are held together by oxygen atoms (health insurance company). The molecular structure reminds a little bit of a kind of "sponge" and looks quite similar because of the many pores and channels. From this we can already deduce the first detox effect: The natural mineral has a high adsorption potential, which means that it is able to bind a variety of harmful substances such as the heavy metals amalgam and aluminium (Scholtes, 2014) to itself and transport them out of the body (Lang, 2012). For example, it was used by victims of the Chernobyl reactor disaster (Hecht et al. 2014) because it binds and discharges radioactive isotopes such as strontium and caesium (Scholtes, 2014). It is also used today to bind and subsequently remove hazardous substances from soil, water and air (health insurance centre).

However, the natural mineral does not simply bind toxic substances. It is rather a barter: Another unique property of the volcanic mineral is its high ion exchange capacity. When excess trace elements are adsorbed, for example, important macro and quantitative elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and silicon are released at the same time. In addition, a lack of certain trace elements such as iron, zinc, cobalt and nickel can be compensated (Lehr- und Forschungszentrum für Landwirtschaft Raumberg-Gumpenstein, 2011). Roughly summarised: The natural volcanic mineral was able to store a wide range of important, health-promoting elements during its formation. It is also willing to exchange these for toxins that are harmful to health and then simply remove them. No wonder, then, that the mineral also a variety of diseases prevents.

Silicon - The importance of this important trace element for our pets

A particularly important component of the natural mineral is silicon. It is an important trace element, also for the human organism (health insurance company). In organic form - as silicic acid - it plays an important role in many metabolic processes. In humans, for example, it contributes to healthy skin, hair and nails. When it comes to maintaining our bones, tendons and connective tissue, silicon supports our body and is also involved in wound healing. A silicon deficiency is manifested, for example, by hair loss, scaling, itching or cracked skin. (infothek health). Not only humans, but also dogs and cats need silicon for the health areas just described. It strengthens the bones of our favourite quadrupeds and ensures a shiny coat. As colloidal SiO2, silicon also has a detoxifying effect and is able to eliminate free radicals (species-appropriate animal). There are already several studies on the positive effects of a silicon-rich diet, for example on the binding of toxic aluminium compounds (Hecht, 2015, p. 49).

So it's no wonder that we speak of superfood with our product. While many food supplements require a wide range of additives, we achieve the double detox effect with only one, 100% natural ingredient. In contrast to other detoxification products, our product not only removes toxins from the body, but also provides additional essential minerals and trace elements. True to the motto "less is more" we rely solely on the power of the volcanic mineral clinoptilolite - for a natural detox of your pet.


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